What is LEAP

At RIMA, you experience education with a difference with our LEAP system. The system combines the best of research, academic and practical-oriented approaches to education. It was developed after an extensive study of which methods work best in creating successful graduates, gleaned from our 26 years’ experience in education.


At RIMA, we are redefining the way students learn, We have created several methods that help you develop your capacity to think and create solutions. Your ability to think outside the box will make you a much sought after talent in your career.


We also encourage students to ask “WHY?” You will be challenged to explore new ways of thinking and finding solutions. You will be encouraged to have your own point of view and be provoked to prove that it is valid. The objective is to help you develop critical thinking skills – the ability to weigh opinions and determine their values.


You can get a degree at any college. But paper qualifications are just not enough in today’s ultra-competitive environment. To be effective in the real world, you need to know how to exceed your limits and realize your full potential. At RIMA, you have the opportunity to gain real working skills, Knowledge and experience – even before you graduate.


Your education does not end when you get your degree. The training you receive at RIMA will develop your thirst for knowledge, a valuable trait if you want to be constantly at the forefront of success.

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