Mission Statement

Towards The Third Millennium
As we move into the Third millennium, RIMA EDUCATION GROUP (REG) has molded its vision on a new mindset which is to imbue the young people with an education that befits them to play their role effectively to propel the nation to the forefront in its quest for developed status and to fulfill the needs of a new Knowledge based Economy.


REG has the vision to bring into its portfolio, programmes rightly selected in the field of science and technology and the liberal arts to equip the individual with the best tools to function dynamically in ones career and contribute fully to the nation’s success.

Teaching and Learning

REG’s approach to quality education shall focus on the teaching-learning concept in its methodology, encompassing an appreciation of pedagogy to ensure that knowledge, skill and technological know-how are in an activated mode to meet the demands of the times. Currently REG is implementing new method in teaching student ( LEAP ) system. L = Learn, E = Explore, A = Apply, P = Progress. This unique teaching method ensures students will have a very quality and a fulfilling experience and successful career in the future.

Mission-Oriented Teaching Faculty

In line with the teaching-learning approach advocated by REG, the teaching faculty is made up of Master’s and PhD holders who bring the corporate profile into the classroom to make learning a real and exhilarating experience. The teaching faculty will also bring the latest and exciting methods of delivering lessons to ensure the students gain the full experience and for them to apply what is learned.


Rima Education Group is totally committed to provide facilities that are state of the art, i.e. computers, multimedia equipment, Internet, science laboratory, language laboratory, a library with two way hook up with universities abroad and classrooms with state of the art teaching aids.

Rima Education Group’s mindset is nurtured out a commitment to human development through its

  • Rightly and relevant selected portfolio of programmes.
  • Methodology encompassing an appreciation of pedagogy.
  • Mission-oriented teaching faculty.
  • Relationship building with key industrial players to ensure programmes are relevant and opportunity for job creation.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.

With this conviction in mind, REG will be in the forefront of education when the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia translates into reality its aspiration to bestow university status on high profile colleges.

REG’s measure of success will always be manifested by the right balance between providing the best in education and its sustenance.

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