Industry Mentorship Program

RIMA Industry Mentorship Program Overview
“Partnering tomorrow’s business leaders with the leaders of today.”

We are committed to providing students with a high quality and comprehensive education in an environment supported by a progressive series of practical, applied, and experiential learning opportunities.

An important component of the programs at RIMA International College is the mentored learning gained by students through work experience upon their graduation. It is our aim to give students the tools they need not only academically, but also practically, to become future leaders in the industry. This is achieved through our Industry Mentorship Program (IMP).

The IMP establishes a three-way partnership agreement between an approved corporate industry, the RIMA Mentorship Unit (through the Mentorship Program Coordinator) and the student. Partners assume responsibilities, perform functions, and receive benefits as a result of their involvement in the program. Students in the mentorship program are supervised directly by professionals who communicate with the Mentorship Program Coordinator. While each learning experience will differ due to the type of industry, situation, and duration, the Mentorship Program Coordinator will guide and assist the students through their practically-oriented learning experience.

The IMP is designed to help students work both individually and collaboratively in a real workplace environment that is characterized by diversity, uncertainty, and rapid change. At the end, students will be able to enter their chosen profession industry with more confidence and competencies.

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