History & Legacy

REG Education Group
We extend to you a warm Malaysian welcome and appreciate taking your time to visit our web site.

If you are a student, parent, alumni, business person, Malaysian or otherwise, you will discover that our colleges has much to offer.

Rima Education Group opened up its doors to student on 1981 in Kuala Lumpur with just two faculty focusing on business programs and secretarial studies and have developed into a globally recognized institution with over three campus spanned in major cities of Malaysia and providing diversified programs under 5 faculty. With over 2000 students enrolling every year from more than 119 countries around the world, our institutions has become a centre of excellence and convergence of young minds with great aspiration and dreams. Our students are our pride and we are proud to be having them bringing out their best and showing their unlimited potential.

A potential only brought about by our high-quality and dedicated faculty who are the heart and soul of our institutions. They are always willing and able to assist you in the best possible method; aided by the latest technology available and making sure that the teaching and learning is effective and a more enjoyable experience and preparing our students to be successful in today’s knowledge-based, global economy.

Rima Education Group, over its 30 years have gathered an impressive list of affiliated universities from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India and many more are joining and working with us to collaborate on providing joined courses, credit transfer collaborations and academia exchange. Besides having “home grown” programs, REG sees the value and the trend forward which is the internalization and global integration of education and to bring that “knowledge of the world” into the our classrooms.

Not only are students not limited to academic pursuits and knowledge throughout their course, you will be given a glimpse to your related field and industry through workshops, on-the-field projects and our Industrial Mentorship Programme (be sure to ask more on this when you visit us) where you will be monitored and guided throughout your Industrial Training. You can be assured that when you attended your first “real” interview you will have the confidence and peace of mind needed to perform and excel. We prepare our students to be enlightened, well-rounded citizens who enjoy life, art, sports, and other extracurricular activities. You are welcomed to join our many student-organized activities or if you so desire, come up with your own idea for a club and just let us know – we are open to your ideas.

Our new main campus located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong is only a few kilometers away from two of nation’s great landmark., our nation’s capital,Kuala Lumpur , and our nation’s administrative capital, Putrajaya. And we are only a 35 minute drive from the national airport, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and within its surrounding , medical complexes, shopping complexes, cinema and professional sports facilities.

Please explore our website and discover even more about us. Welcome and Thank you.

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